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    About AC Horn Manufacturing
    AC Horn Manufacturing. Built with integrity.
    It all started in a modest garage in Texas in 1907. Yet it wasn’t until 1946, when a young A.C. “Ace” Horn took over his father’s small sheet metal operation, that the company we know today began to take shape. Ace didn’t know what would become of his new enterprise, but he did know how he wanted things done. He believed that a business, like any person, was only as good as its word. So, he set out to build a company he could be proud of––one that offered genuine quality, delivered on its promises and stood by its work.
    All these years later, Horn has evolved into a worldwide leader in processing equipment for the snack food industry. There’s no denying times have changed, but Ace’s guiding principles are as relevant today as ever.
    Savvy food processors have come to know Horn for integrity in everything we do. Unsurprisingly, it starts with the equipment we build. Each piece is made with the kind of good, honest craftsmanship that’s just not found in competitive products. We use only the very best parts, the most carefully thought out design, and we never take shortcuts. It’s what makes our equipment the most reliable––and trusted––in the industry.
    Of course, staying true to Ace’s vision means so much more than simply building trustworthy machinery. We stand behind our equipment with an unrivaled commitment to our customers. If something’s not perfect, we’ll fix it. And as quickly as we can. If our expertise is needed, we're always ready to help. To Horn, and those who rely on us to stay up and running, it’s simply the right way of doing things.
    Today, the Horn product line features best-in-class nut roasters and popcorn poppers, plus top-quality equipment for milling, peanut blanching and the packaging room. We offer capabilities to customize certain machines and boast a well-respected, highly efficient job shop center. It all combines to make Horn an invaluable partner for snack food producers around the globe.
    Smaller manufacturers depend on us. Some of the world’s largest corporations do too.
    It’s safe to say Ace would be proud of what his company has become. One built on integrity whose values always shine through. As Horn continues to grow, know that we have no plans on changing our ways. We’ll keep striving to craft the best machinery around, following through on our commitment to our customers, and going above and beyond to earn their trust.
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