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Armaturenbau GmbH

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Ginderich, Manometerstraße 5, 46487 Wesel,
F:49 (0) 28 03 / 10 35
P:49 (0) 28 03 / 91 30-0
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    About Armaturenbau GmbH
    The ARMATURENBAU GmbH and MANOTHERM Beierfeld GmbH are internationally operating, medium-sized innovative companies with two manufacturing plants in Germany and almost 300 employees, approximately 180 in Wesel-Ginderich and approximately 120 in Grünhain-Beierfeld.

    MANOTHERM Beierfeld is responsible for the Sales in newly-formed German states, Eastern Europe as well as the States of the former Soviet Union and in the People´s Republic of China. ARMATURENBAU GmbH is the contact person for the old West German States and the remaining export.

    Our product range comprises high-quality pressure measuring instruments and temperature measuring instruments, for which quality we have a worldwide known good reputation for over 100 years! We are proud to state that our clients appreciate our quality and expertise regarding pressure measuring technique as well as our flexibility and reliability.

    We develop customer-specific solutions for comprehensive applications of the pressure measuring technique and the temperature measurement technique.

    The application of our high-precision pressure measuring instruments, if capsule gauges for low pressure, gas density monitors, vacuum gauges, differential pressure gauges or contact gauges – as well as our temperature measuring instruments like bimetal thermometers and the suitable thermowells – is manifold and there are always new applications. We also offer solutions for special fields of application like for example refrigeration gauges, pressure gauges for rail cars, ultrapure gas pressure gauges or safety gauges.

    Both companies are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

    We develop your customer-specific solutions! Do not hesitate to contact us!
    Our strength
    Your advantage
    • Quality since 1903 – Our goal is to satisfy customers!
    • Reliability – Adherence to delivery dates is a necessity!
    • Optimal company size – Advantages of a „small" without the disadvantages of a „large“!
    • Long term workforce – Experience and innovation
    • Modern production facilities
    • 2 independent manufacturing plants – Flexible for strong demands!
    • Ambitious customer-specific solutions – Also for small quantities!
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