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Reducing production costs, while enhancing product quality for mash, flake, and potato salad has always been a major challenge for processors both large and small. ABCO's well established commitment to research and development has lead the way in developing energy and water efficient blanching techniques for a very wide range of fruit and vegetables and it seemed opportune to turn the spotlight of this expertise into the field of potato processing. The result in an 18 month study by ABCO engineering staff working with Food Technology Scientists from Agriculture and Agri Food Canada on a new research project entitled:

Study of Processing Parameters for High Quality Dried and Frozen Potato Products

In the first phase of this study, samples of potato mash were produced by varying the processing parameters. For example, whole versus sliced potatoes, and the ABCO Heat/Hold steam cook versus a three step water cook. Descriptive sensory analysis (DSA) and/or instrumental analysis were used to assess the quality of each sample. There are some interesting preliminary results to report:

Colour Analysis

Lightness: ABCO Heat/Hold-cooked potatoes were lighter than water-cooked potatoes.
Brightness: ABCO Heat/Hold-cooked potatoes were brighter than the water-cooked potatoes.
Hue: ABCO Heat/Hold-cooked potatoes were more yellow than the water-cooked potatoes.
Uniformity of Colour: ABCO Heat/Hold-cooked mash was more uniform in colour than the water-cooked mash.

Ongoing Commitment

ABCO's commitment to research results in competitive, quality products designed to meet, or exceed the requirements of industry. Foods blanched in ABCO L-series Blanchers retain more nutrients and have enhanced colour and flavour, all with reduced effluent levels and lower production costs. Food processors on four continents now enjoy the benefits of this award-winning blancher technology. At ABCO we believe our success is directly related to the effort we put into collaborative research ventures, and to how well we can respond to the unique needs of each of our customers. For further details and quotation for your specific product, please advise us of your present process (whole, sliced, diced) tons/hr and variety of potatoes.
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