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EC-171 Robotic Palletizing Machine




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The EC-171 high speed Robotic Palletizer is Fuji's most recent model design and development. The EC-171 operates at speeds up to 20 cycles per minute and implements a collision detection feature as standard. This robotic palletizing machine incorporates the largest working envelope of all our models while maintaining the smallest rotation radius and energy efficiency. The unit allows you to work in tight space constrictions while accomplishing a very high rate of throughput. Faster rates, tighter work envelope, less energy and more economical. This is truly a fantastic addition to our quality bag palletizing equipment line.

This robotic palletizing machine, as well as the other models, offer many advantages that no other manufacturer can provide. Please note a few of those advantages and contact us directly to find out more. Click here to see the EC-171 Robotic Palletizer Video.

EC-171 robotic palletizing machine and other robot projects from American-Newlong.
American-Newlong can manufacture multiple robot projects 
at the same time as shown in this photo.

Mechanical Advantage

The weight of the mechanically balanced arm can be supported by a single finger. This insightful fact demonstrates the dynamics of a true palletizing robot. This unique design allows our robot to use less energy and dramatically reduces unwanted stress on the arm joints, bearings, pivot points, and floor supports. Other industrial robots were originally designed for painting, welding, tending machines, etc? A balanced boom was not a factor due to the nature of robot applications at the time. The Fuji Robot is the only manufactured articulated robotic arm “specifically” built for palletizing.

Software / Human Interface Advantage

The touch screen (standard with every model) is geared for machine operators, mechanical personnel, and management alike. The operators can change a palletizing program in less than 5 seconds. Maintenance personnel can add lubrication based on an onboard warning system, review error occurrences and take corrective measures based on the problem, and monitor I/O in real time. Management can track palletized inventory by specific programs (60 recipe locations), compare running hours with powered up hours, and have the ability to monitor the machine in real time from their office (Ethernet ready PLC and networking software required).

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  • EC-171 Robotic Palletizing Machine
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