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The 33 and 45-litre bowl cutters are the cutters for small stores and delicatessens. The CutMix 50, 70, 90 and 120-litre volume series allows optimum handling of increasing volume requirements. For industrial production, we offer bowl cutters of the CutMix series with 200, 360 and 550-litre bowl capacity.

These are the features that distinguish all high-performance cutters from K+G Wetter:
• Most smooth running machines thanks to a solid, stainless-steel-encased and floor-closed machine frame
• CutMix series machines start out with a single-piece, grey cast iron frame
• The cutter shaft is supported by a stable bearing bed, including seal, for trouble-free operation even at maximum speeds
• closed underside thanks to a stainless plate welded seamlessly to the frame
• easy and quick-to-clean, diagonally-arranged outer stainless steel surfaces
• stainless materials for all parts that come into contact with food products
• Temperature recording of the sausage meat by a sensor in the cutting area of the cutter cover.
• CE-conforming and BG-tested
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