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90° Tank Valve Manual Actuators




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Manual Actuators for Weirless Radial-Diaphragm Tank Valves

Rugged, reliable, flexible, and easily maintained

Options: Colored handles, remote handles, extension handle for remote operation, 4-inch grand handle, stainless steel handle, and lock-out

When we designed our actuators, we took great care in making them industry appropriate, operator friendly, and rugged enough to withstand some pretty rough treatment. If you can fasten a tri-clamp, you can easily assemble and disassemble any ASEPCO valve for inspection or maintenance, and you can do it without tools!

A large number of options are available with these actuators, including colored handles, remote handles, lock-out, 4-inch grand handle, stainless steel handle.

Features & Benefits

Requires little maintenance—typically on a yearly basis
EPDM bushings and O-rings, but very few of them
All actuators meet 3A requirements
So well made, they don’t need grease
A number of handle options, including remote handles


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