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WM Residential Water Meters/Submeters 
The WM Series residential water meters are multi-jet (inferential) impeller meters. They measure total flow in gallons. The impeller and magnet are the only moving parts in the measuring chamber. The chamber is located in a strainer basket, which allows for high amounts of impurities to be passed through the meter without affecting its operation. The impeller movement is transferred by a magnetic coupling to the hermetically sealed register. These are perfect for submetering water in multi unit apartments & commercial buildings. 

Residential Water Meter Construction 
These residential water meters consist of an epoxy coated forged bronze housing which has the size and flow direction cast into it, and includes an integral strainer/measuring chamber. The register is hermetically sealed, and can be removed. The register is protected by a tempered glass lens, as well as a hinged metal cover. There is a calibration port which is securely sealed after factory testing and calibration. 

Features & Benefits
Proven Multi-Jet Water Meter Design
Hermetically Sealed Dry Dial protected from the elements,won't discolor or fade
Integral Strainer in Measuring Chamber protects measuring components from debris
Tempered Glass Lens strong & clear for continued readability
Hinged Lens Cover protects lens and register from damage
Magnetic Drive eliminates potential leak point
Easy to Read Register Display odometer and needle dial have large clear digits
Low Flow Indicator indicates flow rates down to almost drop by drop - excellent for leak detection
Frost Resistant Forged Bronze Body provides strength and prevents pinholes
Versatile Installation Orientation can be installed horizontally or vertically
Meter Made in America
Dry Contact Reed Switch Pulse Output
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End Connections 
1/2" to 2" Models
External non-tapered meter threading (comes with Male NPT thread adapters)
Typical Applications
Residential & Commercial
Metering and Sub-Metering
Industrial Food & Beverage
Plant Process Water
Cement Mixers
Pond Water Feed Lines
Accuracy: +/- 1.5%
Temperature Range: Up to 100°F (38°C)
Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI
Totalizer Scale & Units:

WM50, WM75, WM7575, & WM100:
Odometer: gallons to 9,999,999
Needle: 10 gallons per rotation with full gallons labeled and 1/10th of a gallon increments

WM150 & WM200:
Odometer: gallons to 99,999,999
Needle: 100 gallons per rotation with multiples of 10 labeled and 1 gallon increments
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