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The same robot can cover different functions
Flexibility on the production, products and layout
Low maintenance & Quick and automatic changeover

Crate infeed

Crate conveyors and centering device.

Crate conveyors can be single or double lane.
A mobile centering device aligns the crates so that they are in a correct position, thus allowing an accurate bottles pick-up.
It consists of a folded metal frame with vertical movement.
Bottle removal

Removing system

A four axes anthropomorphic robot having a payload of 450/700 Kg at wrist.
Gripping heads 

Bottle handling system by means of individual, pneumatically operated grippers, grouped on gripping heads adapted for different sizes of crates to be handled.
The number of gripping heads depends on the output required.
The gripping heads, that could be fixed or mobile, are anchored on a stainless steel frame.
Pneumatic grippers

Pneumatic grippers hold the bottles by the neck.
The bottle neck's picking system could be either by membrane or plastic sectors and tailor made solutions might be available for different bottle neck shapes.
Bottle outfeed

Bottle discharging table with self-supporting structure in AISI 304 and stainless steel chains with 85 mm pitch.
The system includes :
Photocell that detects the maximum bottle accumulation
Photocell that detects unreleased bottles
Side guides for a smooth bottles discharging
Format changeover

Format changeover for bottles and crates

In case of different bottle/crate sizes, different set of gripping heads can be housed on a dedicated magazine (available as option).
The robotic head moves on top of the dedicated magazine releasing the current set of gripping heads and bottle guides, picking-up the new one.
Semi-automatic changeover on crates conveyors.
  • Robotic decrater: Deca Robo-Kombi
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