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The EJD 220 is a multi-talented truck when it comes to the handling of loads. It combines the features of a pedestrian pallet truck and stacker in one truck:

From loading and offloading HGVs to the transporting and stacking of pallets (max. 2560 mm lift height), it really is a convincingly flexible truck.
Its greatest advantage: As a double-deck stacker, it is able to lift two Euro pallets at the same time. All operations can therefore be performed twice as quickly in comparison with a conventional pedestrian pallet truck or stacker.

The EJD can carry 2000 kg when used as a pallet truck, 1000 kg with the forks raised or 2 x 1000 kg in double-deck operation.

The EJD is an extremely sturdy and reliable truck: The robust 8 mm frame, the powerful 1.6 kW drive with the latest 3-phase AC technology, batteries up to 375 Ah and lateral exchange as well as the rigid mast ensure extremely efficient operation in even the most demanding environments.

The patented ProTracLink support wheel system with hydraulic locking is an absolute must for ensuring stability and safe travel on ramps and loading platforms.

The raising support arms also contribute to safe travel, for instance on thresholds, ramps and uneven floors. They increase the floor clearance and thus ensure simple and safe crossing.

And if space becomes too cramped on HGVs or in narrow aisles, the crawl speed button facilitates safe travel with the tiller in the upright position. A touch of the button is sufficient: The brake is released and activation of the travel switch automatically reduced the speed of travel.

Advantages in overview

Intelligent control and drive technology
Optimum cornering and stable handling
Fully informed at all times
Optional equipment
Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieving
Work in comfort
Long operating times
Hide advantages in detail

Advantages in detail

Intelligent control and drive technology
Jungheinrich 3-phase AC motors and controllers offer higher performance levels while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Make the most of these advantages:
High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
Powerful acceleration.
No carbon brushes - maintenance-free drive motor.

Drive motor and controller perfectly matched thanks to in-house production.
Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieving
All lifting and lowering operations are easily controlled by the multi-functional tiller arm. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving. Other features that make stacking and retrieving particularly safe and efficient include:

Precise and gentle lifting of the load by speed-controlled hydraulic motor.
Gentle depositing of loads using proportional hydraulics.
Long safety tiller ensures sufficient distance between the operator and the truck.
Crawl speed button for travelling in restricted conditions with tiller in upright position.

Optimum cornering and stable handling
Sprung and cushioned support wheels – linked via the patented ProTracLink torsion bar – distribute equalising forces dependent on travel conditions i.e. evenly across all wheels during straight-line travel; concentrated on the outer support wheel during cornering. Another advantage:
Level equalisation ensures minimum support wheel wear when approaching ramps at an angle: Both support wheels are linked by a mechanical connection which keeps them at the same height. The lower support wheel does not touch the travel lane and is not damaged.

Work in comfort
The EJD is ideally suited for double pallet handling. It has been robustly designed for high performance operation. Other advantages:
Robust mast: maximum load for support arm lift 2000 kg; for mast lift 1000 kg.
Outstanding view of the forks over profiled battery cover.
A support arm stop ensures consistently precise positioning of pallets on the forks.
High-performance, lift motor copes easily lifting very heavy loads.
Large detachable storage compartment and clip pad for storage.

Fully informed at all times
Comprehensive control instrumentation gives the operator the reassurance of full information at a glance at all times:
CanDis information display (optional) with hour-meter and service code storage (optional).
PIN activation of truck and choice of 3 travel programs via CanCode (optional).

Long operating times
The energy-saving 3-phase AC technology, combined with battery capacities of up to 375 Ah, ensures long operating times:
Battery compartment size M: 2 PzS 250 Ah batteries.
Battery compartment size L: 3 PzS 375 Ah batteries
Lateral battery exchange option for rapid replacement in a multi-shift environment.
Built-in charger (24 V/30 A for wet cell batteries and maintenance-free batteries) for easy charging at any mains socket (optional).

Optional equipment
Cold store version
Load guard.
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