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Reliable PET closure inspection
Good to know

Just as important as the fast and hygienic filling of a beverage is the adequate and secure sealing of a product. Our Innocheck TSI (Tamper-evident Seal Inspection) system checks over an angle of 360° to ensure that the closures of your products are intact, that they are correctly seated and that there are no signs of damage. In doing so, the system produces high-resolution images of your PET container closures using a four-sided mirror system and evaluates them automatically with regard to the criteria. Regardless of whether the closures are PET screw caps, metal caps or even sports caps, the Innocheck TSI provides conscientious assistance in checking the closure. The machine can check up to 72,000 of your bottle caps in an hour without any problems.

Well thought out

The Innocheck TSI scores not only with its simple and intuitive operation via its icon-guided menu structure, but also impresses with the high flexibility provided by the modular software. The closure inspection machine can also be individually adapted to your requirements. There are various additional inspection functions available to you, from the closure presence, closure color and correct product assignment to the presence of the best-before date. The all-round view enables the smallest defects on the tamper-evident seal to be detected and even black caps can be inspected without errors thanks to the sophisticated lighting.


Maximum product safety thanks to high-resolution 360° images
Innovative software algorithms find even marginal quality deficiencies
High number of checking options

Benefit from simple maintenance thanks to protective cylinders
Conserve resources thanks to long-life LEDs
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