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WNS2220 Single Phase Intermittent Portable Vacuums




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WNS2220 - Little Red
WNS2220 - Little Red
TheRedLineBannerLogoPortable Intermittent Duty

The WNS2220 Little Red by Ruwac packs a punch more powerful than some vacuums twice its size. Complete with Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration, it’s no wonder why the WNS2220 is one of The Red Line’s most requested vacuums for fine, dry collection. A 25 ft. hose capability helps the Little Red reach places the Baby Red cannot while an additional 88 CFM (200 CFM total) makes for powerful portable vacuuming in a unit this size. The WNS2220 is also fully grounded, includes a foot-actuated 9-gallon dustpan for easy dust-free cleanup, durable compression cast housing and the option to upgrade to HEPA or ULPA filtration.

MicroClean Filtration

This vacuum features Ruwac’s industry-leading MicroClean filtration system. Unlike other makers’ vacuums which use expensive cartridges that rely on gimmicky reverse pulse filtration, Ruwac's MicroClean filter outlasts and outperforms them with a proven pleated style and external manual shaker. Combined with more usable surface and a lower face velocity, this filter prevents dry materials from prematurely clogging inside. 99.99% efficient at 0.5 micron, the MicroClean's innovative design keeps filter integrity intact and in turn, ensures you have a long-lasting, low maintenance, dust-free operation that reduces costly filter replacements. All Ruwac MicroClean filters come with a 3-year guarantee.

Optional HEPA Upgrade

In addition to Ruwac's premier MicroClean filtration technology, this vacuum also has the option to upgrade to HEPA. Since the primary MicroClean filter is so efficient, only clean airs sees the filter and the result is both purified air and the elimination of costly HEPA replacements. Each HEPA filter is DOP tested and certified.

HEPA Efficiency: 99.997% @ 0.3 micron

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  • WNS2220 Single Phase Intermittent Portable Vacuums
  • WNS2220 Single Phase Intermittent Portable Vacuums
  • WNS2220 Single Phase Intermittent Portable Vacuums
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