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Henneken Macerator HT 520




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Henneken Macerator HT 520
The Henneken HT 520 utilizes a user-friendly design & simple sanitation with a variety of knife rollers to suit your processing needs.

The HT 520 can accommodate a capacity of 22,000 pounds/hour. The infeed belt can easily be adjusted to rotate between 13 and 59 feet/minute.

The knife rollers can provide a gentle to intensive incision to product by utilizing adjustable heights and pressure control.

The variety of knife rollers can be coordinated to your macerating needs by mixing and matching different knife models. Each knife roller can hold 46 or 65 blades. 3 different types of knife rollers are available. The knife types are a 16 tooth standard knife roller, a 10 tooth star knife roller, a 24 tooth piercing knife, and a full blade with gaps.

They can also be substituted with press rollers which come in fine, rough, extra rough, or a fine and rough combination.



Output Capacity – Up to 22,000 lbs./hr.
Infeed Belt – Horizontal Incline – 20″ Width
Double Knife Roller Set – 92 or 130 Count
Knife Roller Adjustable Range – ½” to 6”
Simple Sanitation – Easy Out Knives & Belt


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