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SCC14 and SCC19 Local I/O Controller




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Mitsubishi programmable relay controller
Time-fill or volume-fill operation
Vent valve output for vacuum pump
Closed-loop conveying (dry or ambient air) capability
Common purge valve output control
Vacuum conveying has never been simpler or more versatile than with Sterling's SCC14 controller. The controller merges state of the art technology and a user-friendly interface to control your most demanding material handling needs.

Sterling offers user-friendly, reliable solutions for complete conveying control. The keypad interface allows for convenient programming and monitoring of up to 4 loading stations and 1 pump. The SCC14 also features an easy-to-read display, and clear, visual alarm indicators.
  • 2manual-convey-sterling-1-pump-4-station-controller.pdf
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  • 2manual-convey-sterling-1-pump-9-station.pdf
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  • 2qs-convey-sterling-1-9-station-controller-1.pdf
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  • 2qs-convey-sterling-1-4-controller.pdf
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