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Winpak manufactures high-quality paper/poly/foil laminated rollstock for various flexible food applications such as dry soup mixes, beverage mixes, and powdered coffee flavorings. Flexible rollstock is sold in rolls and formed into pouches on customer's filling lines.

Base structures can be manufactured on 20, 40 or 60 inch equipment, thereby offering the highest level of exacting tolerances coupled with high-speed economical output. Laminations combine various substrates such as paper, foil and film with polymeric layers for optimal performance. The Company has a reputation for customizing materials for a variety of pouch packaging applications for the food and beverage industries.

Flexible rollstock is commonly used on form/fill/seal packaging machines. Winpak manufactures rollstock in a wide range of widths and diameters with high-quality rotogravure or flexographic printing. Various roll rewind configurations are available as required with or without registration.

Paper/Poly/Foil Materials
Winpak offers an extensive range of standard foil, film, and paper material combinations for flexible food and beverage applications.
Lacquer coated foil
Extrusion coated foil
Adhesive and extrusion laminated foil/film
Extrusion laminated paper/film
Laminated paper/film/foil
Many other combinations

Custom Material Development
Winpak has the capability to develop custom structures for demanding and special applications. Winpak is a vertically integrated manufacturer that custom laminates flexible substrates with polymeric layers and adhesives. As the market leader in die cut lidding, Winpak has also built a strong reputation for developing unique sealants for difficult rigid plastic or pouch applications. Winpak's technical staff will work with customers to develop the material for special products.
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