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We design and manufacture mechanical seals for the Food, Dairy, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Our proven innovative seal design will allow the mechanical seal to perform while remaining free and clean of product buildup; this will result in a reduction or elimination of product contamination.

We manufacture and stock many mechanical seals, both ZMT engineered and O.E.M. replicated, for many sanitary centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Contact the factory regarding the equipment in your plant for information about how ZMT engineered seals can be used in your application.

APV Pump Seals
ZM Technologies manufactures all of our O.E.M. replica seals to meet or exceed original specifications. These seals are interchangeable with the original and will perform as good as or better than the O.E.M.

All seals carry a satisfaction guarantee. See Policy page for details.

The ZMT APV O.E.M replicated seal is made to fit a wide range of APV pump model numbers:

All 25mm & 35mm W and W+ Single & Double seals.

All ZMS 25mm, 48mm, & 54mm seals, models 3 thru 6.

All ZM 20mm seals, models ZMA, ZMH, & ZMK.

All PUMA 1" & 1-1/2" single & double seals.

All seals are available in a wide range of seal faces & o-ring materials.
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