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Lauric Arginate (LAE) is an effective food grade antimicrobial based on the chemical Na-lauroyl-Larginine ethyl ester. Also known as Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate and Lauramide Ethyl Ester, Lauric Arginate is derived from the natural components: Lauric Acid, L-Arginine and Ethanol. It is a unique antimicrobial compound that has been found to be effective at reducing pathogenic organisms in a wide range of food products including meat and poultry products.

Our CytoGuard LA, Lauric Arginate products, are unique formulations which have been specifically designed for bacteriocidal treatment in a range of food products. The formulations have been optimized for maximum efficacy and stability. CytoGuard LA works to reduce bacterial levels by altering the cell membranes of the microbes, thus preventing their growth. The efficacy of our CytoGuard LA, Lauric Arginate products, is not affected by pH. This powerful antimicrobial has a wide spectrum of activity and functions on nearly all pathogenic bacteria. It is effective against listeria, salmonella, E. Coli, campylobacter, yeast, molds and lactobacillus, just to name a few.

CytoGuard LA, Lauric Arginate antimicrobials are also ideal for improving food safety and reducing bacteria levels of refrigerated food products, as well as ready-to-eat fresh cuts of meat and poultry and all types of prepared salads. Because it is used at low levels, it does not impact flavor, color, texture or pH of the product.

Among the benefits of CytoGuard LA Lauric Arginate antimicrobials are:

Significant reduction on a wide range of bacteria
Extremely low usage rates
Processing aid classification in many cases
No flavor impact
Derived from natural compounds
Allergen, GMO, and Dairy Free
Synergizes well with CytoGuard Stat products
Available in 3 grades – CytoGuard LA, CytoGuard LA20 and CytoGuard LA2X

SLIC is a patent-pending process designed to improve the safety of ready to eat (RTE) processed meat products against foodborne contaminants. But unlike its conventional rivals, SLIC is based on introducing an antimicrobial into the vacuum packaging of the RTE meat products before, or as the product is inserted, using the force of the vacuum to spread the antimicrobial purge.

The SLIC process is simple. Rather than bathing, dipping or spraying, SLIC treats the surface of the meat product. Unlike potassium lactate that is used internally in the product as part of the product’s formulation, chemicals used in SLIC applications (CytoGuard LA Lauric Arginate ) are applied only to the surface. Only a relatively small amount of CytoGuard LA Lauric Arginate is needed to cover the surface of the product as vacuum is applied to the package. The limited amount of CytoGuard LA Lauric Arginate needed in the SLIC process is based on the surface area of the product and not the weight. CytoGuard LA typically delivers less than 500 ppm in the finished product.

Unlike sprays and dips used to apply antimicrobials to meat products, SLIC applications have an almost unlimited time to perform their function. Sprays and dips must work within a matter of seconds, and dwell time is critical. Since the amount of chemical in sprays and dips is always in excess of the amount needed, there is a considerable amount of waste due to drip loss, spillage, evaporation and dilution. By contrast, the SLIC system is not time critical and because there is little chemical usage, waste is virtually nonexistent resulting in lower cost to the user. Advanced antimicrobials, once considered too expensive, can now be competitive in SLIC systems. As an additional benefit, because only sparse amounts of chemicals are used in the SLIC process, product flavor is enhanced.
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