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Experts in Industrial and Sanitary ASME Pressure Vessels

A&B Process Systems is a quality manufacturer of a variety of industrial and sanitary ASME stainless-steel pressure vessels and process vessels. We specialize in pressure and vacuum vessels made from stainless-steel, standard carbon steel, Hastelloy® alloys, Monel® alloys, C20 alloy steel, Inconel® alloys and other exotic high-nickel alloys. We are an ASME board-certified designer, fabricator and installer with ASME Section XIII, Division 1 U and R stamps.

The experienced A&B Process Systems engineering team utilizes the latest software to develop pressure vessel design and data sheet preparation based on your specific requirements. Based on these designs, our in-house detailers prepare shop drawings, general arrangements and erection drawings. During production, our quality control department implements in-house and customer-required hold points, and initiates in-process and final inspections so that all requirements of the code are met. We work with a number of third party inspectors as required by the stringent requirements of the ASME code.
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