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Sanitary Flavor Vats to Enhance Ice Cream… and more.

A&B Process Systems custom designs, fabricates and installs sanitary flavor vats for adding flavoring or coloring to a variety of tasty foods. Our flavor vats, including ice cream flavor vats, are built to size. Utilizing a variety of flowmeter and load cell technologies, and agitation and low to high-shear mixing options, our sanitary flavor vats can be customized to accommodate extracts, purees and powdered flavor enhancement systems. All of our flavor vats can be designed and fabricated in conformance with 3-A, USDA, cGMP, ASME, BPE, FDA and API standards. A&B Process Systems sanitary flavor vats and custom agitators can be skidded for specific applications.

Integrating CIP for Safer and Easier Cleaning
The clean-in-place (CIP) systems produced by A&B Process Systems utilize traditional CIP regimens to ensure safe and easy cleaning of our flavor vat systems. Flexible control schemes utilizing PLC and PC-based control systems with state-of-the-art automation and information management provide effective integration of process CIP and data acquisition objectives.
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