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Plansifter Twin-Rotostar MPAQ




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Small Plansifter Twin-Rotostar MPAQ

Bühler's small plansifter Twin-Rotostar MPAQ is employed in grain milling after the mill plansifter and before bagging for rebolting (final sifting) as well as for the grading of floury materials, semolinas and intermediate mill stocks.Compact design with high throughput capacity.
  • The Twin-Rotostar is equipped with two sieve stacks and reaches very high through-put capacities of 12 t/h in the rebolting of flour or 25 t/h when used in grading.
  • In spite of achieving high throughput rates, the compact Twin-Rotostar is small and light. It can be installed nearly anywhere, even where space is limited.
  • Two different installation options provide additional flexibility with regard to existing spatial conditions: The easy-to-install plansifter can either be mounted on the floor in a sturdy support frame or suspended from the ceiling.

Optimal adaptation to customer needs thanks to modular concept.

  • The small plansifter is based a modular concept. This makes it possible to precisely adapt the capacity of the Twin-Rotostar to customer requirements via the total number of sieve frames.
  • Because the plansifter can be equipped with three different sieve stack versions as well as various flow patterns, it can be used to fulfill a wide range of application requirements.

NOVA sieves provide outstanding sifting efficiency.
Thanks to the superior sifting efficiency of the NOVA generation of sieves, the small plansifter Twin-Rotostar MPAQ meets the highest performance demands.

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