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Electromagnetic Flow Meters for Liquid Processing




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Electromagnetic flow metering ensures accuracy and offers reliability

 For more than 40 years GEA develops and manufactures flow metering systems. In the process industry, the electromagnetic flow meter has a special position in the flow metering technology.

Accurate and reliable measurement

The metering, control and regulation of flows and volumes are among GEA's core competences. State-of-the art-technology coupled with many years of experience in the field of quantity determination are offered by electromagnetic flow meters, whose variety and flexibility makes them suitable to perform a wide variety of applications within the beverage, dairy, and home and personal care industry. 

Volumetric and flow metering is an extremely important measuring technique in food production. Modern, functional technology using the electromagnetic metering principle, coupled with devices with simplified technology and operation, offer the user a whole range of advantages together with a very good cost/benefit ratio. Thanks to their many years of experience in the field of flow metering technology, the experts at GEA have succeeded, with the new generation of IZMAG™ devices, in reconciling the requirement for measuring instruments that are simple to use on the one hand, and complex system components on the other.

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