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One of our most important activities in the refinery industry is gas cleaning for FCC units. GEA technologies combine engineering process engineering, environmental aspects and energy savings. Taken this into account, GEA offers clean air solutions while keeping the CAPEX/ OPEX low. With this extensive portfolio and a long experience of 100 years, we can handle the challenges posed by your specific production process. GEA builds electrostatic precipitator absorber (EP-Absorber), electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) plants.

Features of GEA EP-Absorber For FCC

• Low pressure drop over EP-Absorber:

- Removal of particulate/ aerosols by electrostatic forces vs. pressure drop (venturi systems)

- No additional booster fan

- Less energy consumption

- No boiler reinforcements for increased operating pressure

• Lower emissions compared to conventional SO2-Scrubbers

• No brownish trailing SO3 plume

• Scrubber nozzles with hollow cone to avoid clogging

• Easy nozzle maintenance and replacement during operation

• Heavy duty discharge electrodes for long run times

• Redundant high quality T/R- sets and Controllers

• Redundant pumps

• Specific effluent treatment according to client´s needs

Absorber section

GEA Bischoff EP-Absorber Absorber Section_V1

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