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Discover the world of GEA Scrubber for exhaust gas cleaning in the process industry

Scrubbers are used for dust removal in saturated waste gases. GEA Bischoff has developed special scrubbers for different applications: Radial flow scrubbers (RFS) are adjustable high-efficiency scrubbers which have been developed by GEA Bischoff especially for the conditions in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry. This equipment allows keeping the necessary pressure drop and consequently a uniform scrubbing efficiency, even in case of fluctuating gas volumes. In the steel industry the annular gap scrubber is fulfilling the same function.

Collection principle

Acceleration and deceleration of the gas stream and the atomized scrubbing liquid produces high turbulence between the gas, the dust and the drops of liquid. The dust particles are very quickly wetted and chemical reactions are speeded up. A subsequent collector extracts the droplets of liquid and the wetted dust from the gas stream

The collectors are usually centrifugal separators or wet-type electrostatic precipitators. Collection efficiency and power consumption depend on the pressure drop across the scrubber, which may range from 2mbar to 200 mbar or more. This corresponds to velocities in the scrubbing zone of 20 to well over 100 m per second.

Scrubbers with a low pressure drop are used for gas cooling, pre-dedusting, and absorbing gaseous impurities.

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