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The Non Retention System "NRS®"
The "NRS®" system is specially adapted for the pharmaceutical,biotechnologic, cosmetic, and food applications.
Indeed, GECITECH fittings are designed to avoid differences in diameters between the nipple and the hose
The NRS® assembling system assures that the product can not lodge between the nipple and the hose. The 90° and 45° elbow fittings and special assemblies are made with orbital welds. All straight fittings are made without welds.
This concept is compatible with most standard CIP systems. No strip down of the hose is necessary.
Finish Quality
The inside surface of GECITECH fittings has a slight roughness (maxi 98µ)and can be improved on request by electro-polishing.
Each GECITECH assembly is marked a product code, and this for two reasons :
•Traceability of components
•Warranty of uniform quality
In order to identify the product conveyed, a color code can be added to the hose.
It is also possible to cover the hose with an external closed cell silicone thermal insulation jacket .

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