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DIN11850 Sanitary Tubes




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P & E offers tubes for quality food processing. High surface quality ensures the necessary hygienic or sanitary safety. Our division for surface treatment guarantees optimal finish according to your requests.

The pipes should be marked according to the provisions of the technical specifications DIN 17456 or DIN 17455 with :
● Manufacture mark
● Standard
● Surface quality mark ( see ***Section 14 )
● Dimension(ODxWTxLENGTH)
● Steel grade ( material number )
● Heat number
● Lot number

For Examples
GEMO-DIN11850-CD-52x1.5x6000mm-1.4301-HT145611-LOT Nr.141413

All tubes are delivered in lengths of 6 metres or 6.1 metres. Please state the following when ordering:
● Range Series
● DIN number of the technical specification ( welded pipes DIN17455 , seamless pipes DIN 17456 )
● Outside diameter and wall thickness
● Manufactured length
● Material
● Abbreviation for the surface quality (see ***Section 14 )
● Certificates
● Test category accordig to DIN EN 10217-7
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