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KapStone is a producer of unbleached kraft and recycled paper grades used for shopping bags, fast food carryout bags, and grocery sacks. We offer a selection of bag, sack and wrapping paper grades made from 100% kraft and with recycled fiber content ranging up to 100%.   The carefully selected fibers and rigorous manufacturing standards for these grades provide a basis for superior strength and performance to meet a wide range of our customers’ packaging needs. Our paper grades meet FDA requirements for direct food contact, are manufactured in compliance with CONEG and RoHS regulations, and are valued for their cleanliness, strength, and sustainability and end use possibilities.

•Clean and consistent fibers
•Excellent MD/CD profiles
•Product uniformity  –  consistent and reliable performance
•Ideal sheet for uniform ink absorption and appearance
•SFI®certified sourcing

•Retail Shopping Bags
•Fast Food Bags
•Lunch Bags
•Liquor Bags
•Bread and Roll Bags
•Grocery Bags
•Industrial Wrapping Papers
•Prescription Bags

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  • KraftPaper_HighPerfMW.pdf
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  • Imperial-HPMW-TAD-Sheets.pdf
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