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Lauter tun module is the key technology of Mash. Main function is the soluble substances in leaching mash liquid, insoluble substance along with the filter and discharge, wheat skin to get clear and transparent wort.It consists of tanks, tillage bad bad device, sieve plate filter components, system driver device, wort front-rear system, and the worse water distribution system, floor cleaning system, CIP, wheat bad out device, indoor wheat worse cases, control components and the composition of the corresponding line. Lehui Lauter tun filtration efficiency:12/day Lauter tun Max diameter:13M Multi-area ring-pipe gathering system: configuring with honeycomb wort gathering connection, the effluent path of wort can be more accordant with ring-pipe gathering system. According to its concentration control technique, this system can balance the concentration of the inside and outside grains layer, especially when in the grains washing step, it guarantees the uniformity of the whole grains layer in order to achieve the highest rate of yield with Lehui's characteristic. According to different diameters of the Lauter Tun, the gathering ring-pipe quantity is also different. Grains raking and discharging: well combined raker and blade will not have the trouble of blades pulling off with its rational structure and also can reduce repairing, it can be used as raker when running forward and can be used as grains remover while running reverse. In addition, the combination of streamline coattail type and S-type raker contributes to a significant grains raking effect. Design of giant inner casing: can speed up filtration, reduce dead corner and improve central line speed, grains raking effect, as well as grains discharging speed. High-position principal axis seal: can solve the problem of leakage and pollution completely. High-performance feed-in valve: umbrella like when open which is good for distributing the grains layer; at the same level with the sieve plate when close which is good for completely discharging of grains. Grain washing: Antioxidation washing differs from spray ball washing, the water sparges at close distance and flows down in the umbrella form. Reflux: Central backflow technology enables the fine part of the refluxed sparges evenly in the whole lautering area, so there is no more partial blocking. The refluxed is in below the mashing to prevent from oxygen contact. False bottom: Lehui-made 4mm grooving false bottom, improves a lot in smoothness and cleanness. Square design expands percentage of open area. Properly distributed large diameter wort collector and fan shape nozzle ensures the cleaning and sanitation of the lauter tun. Spent Grains flap: larger diameter and sealing area. Designed with a transmission arm, between the arm and flap, there is a floating structure. When the arm moves up to nearly closing, the flap automatically balances itself according to the stress borne. Control: Automatic on-line control through control units of pressure, flow, level and turbidity meter etc.
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