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Single Microporous Membrane Filter




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Microporous folding filter, made of SUS316L or SUS304
stainless steel, with a folded filter element as a filter element,
can filter liquids, gases, particles and bacteria above 0.1um,
high filtration accuracy, filtration speed, adsorption, no
Medium loss, no leakage, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion
resistance, easy cleaning, can take advantage of backflushing,
etc., is an ideal filtration equipment for biomedical, electronics,
beer and beverage, chemical, water treatment and other
• Thoroughly clean the filter and filter connections and properly
install the filter element and housing.
• Before starting the machine, first check whether the pressure
pump is running smoothly. Check whether the connections are
tight and whether the valves are closed.
• First open the inlet valve slowly before starting the machine,
and then vent the valve, then open the outlet valve for normal
• If it is found that the filtration pressure difference is more than
0.1Mpa or the flow rate drops significantly, indicating that most
of the pores of the filter element have become blocked, it is
recommended that the filter element be cleaned or replaced by
the manufacturer.

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