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A/B Blood Through Liquid Distribution Centralized Supply System




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Introduction of liquid distribution system
Hemodialysis agent concentrated liquid concentrated supply system for medical units, especially, and medium-sized medical units; it is divided a concentrated juice, concentrated fluid B; a, B concentrated solution according to the proportion of 1:1 mixture, into the blood through unit used for patients. A concentrated fluid is mainly composed of an aqueous solution of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, vinegar acid composition; B concentrate mainly by sodium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride aqueous solution.

A, B concentrated liquid preparation, by the two groups of liquid distribution system,Each solution system is equivalentto a single system, the reason is A, BConcentrated liquid according to theproportion of 1:1 mixture. Each group of liquid distribution systemLiquid distributingtank, liquid storage tank, sanitation grade conveying pump, microporous membraneFilter,pipe distribution system.

In the past, the concentration of blood dialysis liquid preparation, are manual with liquid, operation, increased the chance of pollution, increase the risk of microbial infection. Through Co Ltd, use of GMP standard of the design concept, with 316L material clean and smooth, fluid distribution system for easy cleaning, disinfection,bring their own design of heating hot water circulation system to achieve the effect of sterilizing, since a can withchemical disinfectants for disinfection.

Development Tendency

lood dialysis agent A, B concentrated liquidconcentratesupply automation, greatly savingtime,Completely eliminate the unclean, unhealthyfactors, greatly enhance the image of the medicalinstitutions,Also benefit the majority of patients.So it is imperative to be widely used.
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