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Pressure Cone-Cover up to 6/-1bar




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This conical cover is frequently used for beer tanks as outlet opening in the tank. It is possible to produce it with completely conical flanges ensuring a sterile seal. The pipe section to be welded into the vessel can also be designed with a conical shape. This eliminates any offset steps in your vessel. The opening angle as well as the diameter are freely selectable (where applicable at additional cost). The diameter of the outlet can also be selected freely. We can also weld on a custom outlet fitting to meet your requirements.
Further Information
The standard versions and options are described below. Further information is given in the data sheet available for download. If you have any questions or require any further information, please give us a call or send an email.
Standard design

Wettedmaterial:1.4571or 1.4404 Attachment parts 1.4301
Stainless steel blind hole nuts
Silicone gasket
With Cone-type-swivel-hinge
Neck length 120 mm, neck thickness 4 mm
Outlet diameter: 050mm
Surface quality: unpolished, glass-bead blasted, from NW600 unpolished,pickled
With/without approval(Modul G) acc. PED 97/23/EC
Design Code: AD-2000-Merkblatt (with PED)


Wetted materials: 1.4435 BN2,1.4539, 1.4529, 1.4462, 1.4429, HC-22, HC-276, HC-2000, etc.
lntermediate sizes
Various apex-angles
Various outlet-diameters (min 040mm)
Various gasket qualities
Neck length up to 2000 mm, neckthickness up to 20 mm
Neck shaped to match tank-diameter
Various surface qualities (glass-bead blasted, pickled or polished up to Ra < 0,21Jm)
Complete conical design (up to max. sheet thickness of Smm)
Various handles: Collar Nuts, etc.
Installation of various cuttet nozzles
With various limit- or proximity-switches
Attachment parts inother Materials
Various Design Codes:ASME Vlll-1, EN13445, ...
Optional withASME-ApprovalSec. Vlll-1, latest Edition (additional surcharge,design-changes possible)
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