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Round Pressure Cover up to 8/-1bar




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The Round Pressure Cover can be used universally. With the versatile options, it can be optimally adapted to your respective process.
Versatile customization options
Diameter, materials, neck lengths, thickness and surfaces etc. can be individual adapted to your vessel. You will find an overview of our standard design and the possible options below.
Standard design

Wetted material: 1.4571or 1.4404 Attachment parts: 1.4301
Plastic handles with stainless steel insert
With hinge and handle
Neck length 150 mm, Neck thickness 4 mm
Surface: unpolished, glass-bead blasted;from NW600 unpolished, pickled
With approval (Modul G) acc. PED 97/23/EC
Design COde: AD-2000-Merkblatt


Wetted materials: 1.4435 BN2, 1.4539, 1.4529, 1.4462, 1.4429,HC-22, HC-276, HC-2000, etc.lntermediate sizes
Various gasket qualities
Various surface qualities (glass-bead blasted, pickled or polished up to Ra < 0,2 µm)
Neck length upto 2000 mm,neckthickness up to 20 mm
Conicaldesign of the neck (up to max. 8 mm neck thickness)
Neck shaped to match tank-diameter
Cover side swiveling
Various handles: stainless steel handle, toggle, nuts etc.
With wedge for side installation
Locking pin in open position
Springassists (torsion-, disc-, or gasspring)
Installation of nozzles (sightglasses, TC-Ferrules (DIN32676), HZ-COnnect, etc.)
With various limit- or proximity-switches
With safety-grill or safety-cross
Attachment parts in other materials
Various Design COdes:ASMEVlll-1,EN13445, ...
Optional with ASME-Approval Sec. Vlll-1,latest Edition (additionalsurcharge, design-changes possible)

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