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ABCO Industries Limited

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P.O. Box 1120 81 Tannery Road Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
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    About ABCO Industries Limited

    Our Location:
    ABCO's operations are located on the waterfront of the UNESCO World Heritage designated town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Our People:
    ABCO employees, numbering approximately 60, are highly skilled and motivated individuals dedicated to providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

    Our Facilities:
    ABCO's operations are housed in a 42,000 sq ft facility with leading design and fabrication equipment on a 7 acre site on Lunenburg Harbour.

    Our Heritage:
    ABCO was founded in 1947 and occupies the site of 'Camp Norway', a training facility built during WWII. We respect and protect the historical significance of the buildings, which now house our offices.

    Numerous expansions and modernizations have taken place since our founding.

    Our Products:
    ABCO's products are divided into the following Groups. Each Group is directed and supported by experienced and knowledgeable product specialists.

    Food Machinery Group:
    Design and fabrication of innovative food processing equipment. Proprietary designs include:
    Energy efficient steam blanchers
    Hot water blanchers
    Air and water coolers
    Vegetable re-hydrators
    Thermal treatment machines

    Marine Group:
    Design and fabrication of welded aluminum boats from 15 to 65 feet primarily for patrol, regulatory and other commercial uses.

    Environmental Group:
    Design and manufacture of:
    Conveying systems and equipment for compost plants and recycling plants.
    Mobile sludge dewatering trucks and systems
    Stainless steel interior, exterior and custom recycling containers.

    Industrial Fabrication Group:
    Design and fabrication for processing plants including:
    Conveying systems
    Tanks, hoppers
    Specialized machinery

    Industrial Equipment Group:
    Supply and service of:
    Scales and weighing systems
    Storage containers
    General industrial equipment
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