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7 ter chemin de Marticot ZA de Marticot - F-33610 Cestas BORDEAUX - FRANCE
F:+33 (0) 581 096 096
P:+33 (0) 556 069 841
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    About A.I.S Company ®
    Presentation of A.I.S ®

    A.I.S ®  designs, manufactures and markets doors and pressurised manholes in compliance with the PED 97/23/EC, according to the CODAP or the ASME, inspected by an ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System of our partners.

    From -1 to +4 bars, we also offer in accordance with the DIN hand-holes and pressurised manholes at + 5, + 6, + 8 and up to +14 bars:

    In addition, A.I.S ® offers a wide range of rectangular hatches, oval or round doors

    The A.I.S.  ® doors and hatches, equipped with certified seals according to the F.D.A. and./or the U.S.P., can also be fitted with the following options:
    A safety grid for aseptic environments,
    A seal disbandment system (Machine Directive),
    Opening assistance with a mechanical spring (Machine Directive),
    A sight glasses (in accordance with the DIN standard or SMS, Na-Connect) with or without lighting.

    A.I.S ® offers constructors a complete range of orbital, rotary or static washing heads, and also washing spheres or sprinkler spheres with 3-1 material certificate.
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