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#22, West Cifeng Road, Ouhai Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou City
P:0086-577-8567 1111
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    About Wenzhou Beer Equipment Complete Co., Ltd
    Wenzhou Beer Equipment Complete Co., Ltd, which specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, debugging of beer equipment and turnkey project for beer factory, is a famous enterprise in Chinese beer industry. It is located in Wenzhou national university science park. As early as the year of 1980, we have manufactured and installed turnkey project for Jinxi Brewery and Duchang Brewery in Jiangxi Province. Our company has a history about 40 years, and during this period, we have offered superior equipment and technology service to more than 600 breweries both at home and abroad. Saccharification equipment of four kettles and three tanks is our competitive product. After continuous innovation, we have developed scientific and practical beer saccharification equipment which is advanced in China.
    The 90 ton/batch (cold wort) complete saccharification equipment, which is the first saccharification equipment with the largest scale in China,  is designed and fabricated by our company. It has not only passed the national ministerial appraisal in Wuhan Oulian Dongxihu Brewery( China Resources Dongxihu Beer Co., Ltd.), but also obtained the second prize of technological progress in national light industry. And it is the only honor in Chinese beer industry.  With exquisite technology and advanced equipment, our products have gone abroad. In recent 10 years, we have built Angkor Brewery, Phnom Penh Brewery, Cambodia Winery in Cambodia. We also have projects in Malaysia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Burma and some Latin countries. All of these projects have won a reputation for our country and our international platform is also built at the same time.
    The saccharification equipment made by our company are of superior quality,  energy conservation and environment protection, convenient maintenance, economical and practical, and high degree of automation. As a result, our equipment has enjoyed a high reputation  and has been widely used both at home and abroad.
    Our company has established beer institute of technology, to do the transformation and innovation on beer equipment and brewing process. “Flying Tiger” wort filter tank(middle shielded) developed by our company is a unique product in China. New wort boiling craft (low pressure, dynamic, forced circulation and intermittent boiling) which  developed on wort kettle is a creative invention and can save more than 60 percent of steam. We have also obtained more than 20 national patents (two of which are invention patents). We have developed a batch of new equipment and technology, such as multifunctional beer instantaneous sterilization machine, candle kieselguhr filter, electric malt-fry machine, one-tank malt production equipment, beer experimental equipment for research institution and 10L home-brewed original beer equipment. All of these efforts have offered advanced equipment and technical service to the global beer business.
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