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    About Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co.,Ltd
    LEEG Instruments is committed to provide excellent performance of measure and control instruments in the area of industrial automation, which implement measurement and control procedures more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer.

    As one of the most innovative provider of measuring instruments solution, LEEG take technology, innovation, and profession as the core concept and try best to supply the highest quality products and services to continually create maximum value for customer, and help clients achieve outstanding achievements.

    LEEG have over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing and utilizing hundreds of thousands of products in industry application. We both have two core technologies of sensor technics and circuit board technics. Our profound understanding to the product application and strong technical background ensure you the best products solutions and help you achieve a greater success.

    LEEG is a fully-equipped manufacturer We have a complete of EMC testing equipment.High precision automatic calibrator and test equipment.First-class CNC processing equipment. Advanced alternating high and low temperature test chamber. You will be expected to receive high quality products with international standardization from us.Our monocrystalline silicon sensor can achieve 0.05% F.S., accuracy, has reached the world's leading level in the industry.

    Each of our products is subject to below testing process:
    Automatic temperature compensation to ensure the temperature influence effects.
    Automatic linear calibration to ensure linear precision.
    Real-time online aging system to ensure the time drift performance.
    Pressure cycling impact tests to ensure long-term stability.
    The above tests are monitored by computers, which can ensure data authenticity and traceability.

    In addition, we also strictly control each point in the process of production to ensure the product quality and eradiate all the possible faults and mistakes in the company, you can receive the demanded products, save your time and satisfy your clients.

    LEEG passed ISO9001 quality management system of Germany TUV Company and using ERP , PDM, MES information administration system. Advanced management system ensures that each segment of quality control in the manufacturing process. All products have a unique identification number to record material batches and production information in details. As long as you provide the identification number, we can trace to the products’ all manufacturing data, which achieve timely follow-up and feedback on product quality and make our communications more efficient.

    LEEG has independent import and export rights. We obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificates, CE certificates, CMC license, explosion-proof certificates, design patent certificates.
    LEEG products are widely used in:
    Petrochemical, natural gas, environmental engineering;
    Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Engineering;
    Hydraulic engineering, marine engineering;
    Mechanical Engineering and fluid equipment.

    LEEG always devotes itself in the specialty production and powerful manufacturing, the pursuit and insisting of the highest quality creates LEEG as a leading position in the field of measurement and control instruments, and LEEG’s professional team ensures to provide you with high quality products and excellent service at anytime, anywhere. Our aim: Heart services, customer success, together with us, sensing tomorrow.
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