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Walker Engineered Products

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625 State Street New Lisbon,
Wisconsin,Appleton meal,WI 53950
United States
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    About Walker Engineered Products
    With manufacturing facilities in New Lisbon and Elroy Wisconsin and field service centers in New Lisbon, Wisconsin and Tavares, Florida; Walker Engineered Products focuses on providing the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and personal care industries with a full range of high value, high-quality stainless steel process tanks, storage vessels and stainless steel custom fabrications built to meet and exceed our customers’ most challenging applications.

    Our heritage is the foundation of our performance. Walker Engineered Products has brought to the market-place innovations like the USDA-accepted horizontal CIP agitator. We also build to 3A sanitary standards in accordance to USDA regulations.

    We provide a broad range of stainless steel products for storage, mixing and blending including process vessels, round horizontals and vertical storage silo tanks. For process vessels, we offer a wide range of agitation technologies including turbine, sweep, scraped surface and counter rotating, as well as numerous heat transfer solutions including dimple, channel and half pipe.

    Our stainless steel custom fabrication products are developed by a dedicated design team and manufacturing resources, and our specialized craftsmen have diverse experience producing custom equipment. Our products may use higher alloys including hastelloy and AL 6XN® and we provide ASME pressure vessels (and other codes including CRN & PED). Walker can meet all your specialized applications.

    Our field service department consists of several specialized crews experienced in “on-site” conditions. We can repair equipment at your location no matter how demanding the application. We’ll help get your production up and running rapidly and effectively.
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