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The 12Th International Brew & Beverage Processing Techonlogy And Equipment Exhibiton For China
  • Exhibition Date:2016.10.11-14
  • Exhibition Location:Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC)
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Exhibition Introduction The 11th China International Wine and Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CBB) will be held in October 2016 to move to Shanghai New International Expo Center. The Asia-Pacific region of liquid food production and liquid packaging the largest scale, the highest degree of internationalization, the most professional, the most authoritative benchmarking exhibition in the Chinese and foreign industry reputation. CBB 2014 exhibition attracted a total of 700 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, exhibition area of 80,000 square meters.
2016 (12th) China International Wine and Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CBB 2016) exhibition area is expected to reach 100,000 square meters, the number of Chinese and foreign exhibitors to 800. CBB 2016 will play the world's top industry exhibition of professional and international advantages, expand the scale and exhibits range, based on China's economic development core area, radiation Pan-Asia-Pacific economic circle, make full use of economic development, industrial clustering location advantages, to further expand the international Influence, to enhance the international service, to attract more Chinese and foreign exhibitors and the audience, to create liquid food production and liquid packaging complete industrial chain business platform for liquid food production and liquid packaging industry, technological innovation and transformation and upgrading to make new contributions.
Exhibition Coverage
The beer production technology and equipment: raw material processing equipment, saccharification and fermentation equipment, filtration, separation equipment, high concentration dilution equipment, beer micro-brewing equipment;
The beverage production technology and equipment: raw materials processing and cleaning equipment, extraction equipment, extraction equipment, mention incense equipment, sterilization equipment, enrichment equipment, mixing equipment;
The liquid milk production technology and equipment: UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization equipment, high pressure homogeneous equipment, separation and fermentation equipment, aseptic filling equipment, ice cream equipment;Other alcohol production technology and equipment: raw material processing equipment, brewing equipment, distillation, aging equipment;
Spices, edible oil and other liquid food production technology and equipment
Liquid food packaging and filling technology and equipment: preform mold, slab and blowing equipment, bottles, cans, boxes cleaning equipment, bottling gland equipment, PET bottles filling capping equipment, aseptic filling equipment Packaging equipment, packaging equipment, plastic box loading and unloading equipment, unloading palletizing equipment, industrial equipment, packaging equipment, packaging equipment, packaging equipment, Robots, industrial robots accessories;
Process automation, control systems and IT solutions: control technology and equipment, IT solutions, testing systems;
Supply of waste water treatment equipment: heat exchangers, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, weighing equipment, wind, cold, steam, electrical equipment, beer and beverage sale equipment, CIP system and other cleaning and disinfection equipment, sterile environment technology And equipment, process and fluid equipment, tanks and non-standard equipment, resource regeneration and environmental protection equipment;
Accessories: transmission equipment and components, pumps, valves, fittings and other parts, electrical appliances, hydraulic, pneumatic parts, transmission chain;
Container handling equipment: plastic containers: glass containers, metal containers, packaging systems, beer barrels, fresh barrels, insulation barrels, labels, caps, corks, plastic turnover me;
Turnover tray: Order picking systems, trays, shelves and other related warehousing systems and equipment, forklifts, conveyor systems, and other related plant internal logistics equipment;Raw materials, additives: beer brewing barley, hops, enzymes, malt, emulsifiers, fruit juice and pulp, carbon dioxide, preservatives, other raw materials and additives;
The liquid food production process clean: the production process as a whole cleaning solutions, cleaning agents, cleaning equipment, pest protection, uniform cleaning protection, production w​
Exhibition Fee

Basic booth fee
Net booth 1,300 yuan / square meter (36 square meters)
Standard booth 1450 yuan / square meter (9 square meters)

Plus entrance fee
Open booth booth fee plus 10%
Three / four open booth booth fee plus 15%
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