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Putting quality into the entire process is exactly what we’ve done with our new Telford Turbo-Flo Roaster. Designed to meet virtually every roasting and drying need for nuts, seeds and other applications, AC Horn Manufacturing implemented state-of-the-art processing technology to ensure even, consistent roasting and drying. This results in ton after ton of consistent, quality product. The Telford Turbo-Flo also provides maximum fuel efficiency with the lowest possible operating cost. These ovens are chosen by food processors throughout the world when roasting or drying peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or other similar materials.

Available Roaster Options:
Data Recorder: Added to control panel for pasteurization verification. Maintains record of temperature throughout product bed, data used to verify roaster up to a 5 log kill for peanuts and most tree nuts. Fully programmable and integrated with main control panel through PLC.
Wash Brush: Added to the base of the roaster to clean the belt while the roaster is in operation; can be run while the unit is running or not. Includes brushes that run full width of the belt, piping, spray nozzles, and 304 S.S. catch pan.
Stainless Steel Chain
Water Quench System: Roaster includes a water quench system in case of a fire inside the roaster. This feature includes a control panel, which is set to deploy at a preset temperature. The system also includes a manual shut-off with solenoid valve, spray manifold mounted inside the roaster complete with spray nozzles.
Infeed Hopper Distribution Chute: Distributes incoming product from a conveyor or a Seasoning Tumbler system, which maintains a more even bed in the infeed hopper to prevent/minimize mounding.
Infeed Hopper Distribution Auger: Helps to distribute incoming product from a conveyor or a seasoning tumbler system.
Exit Chute: Stainless steel exit chute; gently lowers fragile product to the conveyor.
Exit Declumper Chute: Breaks up clumps using four sets of rakes, hanging in the heat zone section of the Telford. The rake rods are positioned to move the product around as they pass through, attempting to keep clumps from forming.
For customers making a brined or salty product, the following options are recommended:
Infeed hopper distribution chute
Heat zone declumper
Discharge declumper chute
SS chain
SS exhaust and cooling fan

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