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AC Horn Manufacturing offers the only rotary oven specifically designed to roast dough-coated Japanese-style peanuts. Our proven design is based on the Manley poppers and puffers, which set the industry standard for these machine styles. Also capable of roasting other nuts and seeds, the Japanese Peanut Rotary Oven is available in three sizes.
The proprietary lifting paddles are key to proper dough-coated peanut processing. Dough coated products tend to stick together. This can cause them to break after roasting, or result in lack of uniformity. Our lifting paddles slowly separate the product as it passes through the heat zone. As the drum rotates, the peanuts are lifted and rolled within the product bed for a perfectly coated nut every time.
In addition, a high-efficiency forced air premix combustion system precisely mixes the air and gas in order to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize gas consumption. Programmable digital temperature control minimizes the potential for burnt product and maximizes energy efficiency. A variety of hopper feeder/combinations are available for use with a variety of product types
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